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Rocky Mountain Slayer A30 Park
The ultimate big mountain platform, the Slayer is meant for riding fast and sending it deep. Whether you're smashing through the roughest trails imaginable or scrubbing lips in the park, the Slayer is built for those who charge.
Forbidden Dreadnought SLX
$3,989.00 - $5,699.00 $5,699.00 Up to 30% Off
The 154mm travel Dreadnought represents a bike for the risk-takers and senders out there. Boasting an unmatched and unrivalled level of composure and balance, boosted further by the slack 63.5-degree head angle and proportional rear centres, that grow 14mm per-size, Forbidden's industry-leading One Ride geometry also delivers a consistent ride experience across the size spectrum. Confident in the face of adversity, the Dreadnought is a bike quite unlike any other before it. Ziggy Link compatible, dual crown ready and open to interpretation, dream building a Dreadnought knows no bounds and neither does it.
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